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From the therapist

Hi, I'm Azusa Kumagai, the therapist and owner of Pata Relaxation.


 I'm from Kanagawa Pref. and came to Izu peninsula in 2016, autumn. It has been 7th year since I started my career as a therapist.


My life here in Izu surrounded nature is the best environment for me that "I can be fine physically and mentally", which it should be as this job touching person's body.

In this conditions, I considered to the way I could offer everything I had to people. And I decided to open my home salon!


The concept of my salon is-

"Resort Spa you can visit regularly".


I want people lives in Izu to be fine.

For that, provide proper price.

Moreover, the place should have a value to come from far away. 

I really hope here become such a place!

By the way, do you know Sri Lanka? It is my favorite country where has famous resort hotels designed by Geofferey Bawa.

I was so impressed his characteristic architectures "space not separated" when I visited and saw these. (I thought Sri Lanka's houses often use such a technique.) How comfortable is there!

I'm aiming such a place, where is bright and has big windows,

There are a lot of nice salons "Open the door, It's another world", but Pata Relaxation aims to make use of beautiful side of Izu-nature and this house.


If your have anxiety to visit such a home salon, please don't hesitate to come!

You don't need to conversation, or you don't need keep silence! You can spend a time you want.

I'm welcome both of neighbors and tourists!  

I hope here will be the place 'recovery point' (like a video game!) for that you enjoy your daily life.

I'm waiting for you!


My career...

 I belonged to Track and Field club and I practiced ALL the time when I was a high school student. I won 6th place prize heptathlon and relay in Kanto area. I thought I like massage since then(or I just often be injured..)

Anyway I love sports still now!

I had studied food nutrition and I got a license of nutritionist when I was a Tokyo University of Agriculture student. And I started to work at relaxation salon. At that time, I just want to work that use my body but the job as a therapist fascinate me so much. It is associated with relaxation salon at the point of health.

I always tell customers how interesting academy of food nutrition.

The job was just a part time working after class, but I had so fun.

I was good at chemistry class when I was a student, so I studied 













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